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Environmental Eco-friendly Green Breathing Unitary Compound Wall

Environmental Eco-friendly Green Breathing Unitary Compound Wall

Spray construction composite wall is formed by light steel frame and steel screen filled with Sundy green spraying slurry. Excellent overall performance makes it become a epoch-making brand new composite wall. The wall,making full use of industry by-product (phosphogypsum / desulfurization...


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Spray construction composite wall is composed of light steel frame and steel screen filled with Sundy green spraying slurry. Excellent overall performance makes it become a epoch-making brand new composite wall. The wall,making full use of industry by-product (phosphogypsum / desulfurization gypsum), crop straw, construction waste etc., has no radioactivity and releases no poisonous gas at high temperature, which is a truely green construction material promoted vigorously by China government. From production of the raw material, transportation, storage, conveying to forming a wall, each step realizes mechanization, largely reducing builder numbers and increasing construction efficiency above 50%.

Construction Steps

Set up frame - Spray slurry by machine- flat wall surface-complete wall

Composite Wall Advantages

1) Light Weight, Low Density

 The designed density value of the composite wall is 90-120kg/㎡, and the designed density value of traditional aerated block wall is 240-300kg/㎡. The composite wall is doubly light, not only reducing the total weight and steel content of the building, but strengthening the shock resistance.

2) Excellent Mechanical Property, High Impact Resistance, Fine Bending Resistance, Good Hanging Capability

The light steel frame, steel screen and spraying slurry composite wall with good mechanical property, >800kg bending resistance and >300kg hanging capability, can resist 30kg continuous impact without penetrating cracks.

3) Sound Insulation Property

During slurry spraying, there is 6-8Mpa wind pressure, which makes the finished composite wall highly compact almost without any crevice. The sound insulation effect of 9cm wall, tested by Tsinghua University Sound Insulation lab, could reach 43 dB, and that of 12cm wall could reach 49 dB. Both are beyond the national standard, 35dB for rooms and 40 db for houses.  

4) Fire Rating

Sundy spraying slurry composed by inorganic materials of gypsum, a little cement etc. has good fireproof performance, reaching Class A Fire rating. The wall passes fire endurance test by Public Security Ministry Tianjin Fireproof Testing and Inspection Institute. The wall has no crack and falling with more than 2 hours burning. The unexposed surface temperature rises only 43 centigrade in average.  

5) Seismic Performance

The composite wall uses light steel frame, steel screen connects the four sides of the main structure, and the main structure restrains the wall all around. The upper part has no free end and the light steel frame, steel screen themselves have good flexibility, so the wall has super capability to resist earthquake.

6) Solid Connection with Door and Window

Door and window directly fixing on the frame with solid connection avoids wall cracks caused by long-term open and close of the door.


7) Triple Crack Resistance, Prevention from Quality Common Fault 

a. Sundy spraying slurry is made from gypsum, a little cement etc with various additives. Self-stress and shrinkage resistance prevent wall cracks caused by self-shrinkage. During construction, formwork and watering maintenance on the wall are unnecessary.

b. Light steel frame and steel screen avoid wall cracks caused by connection of wall and main frame and deformation.

c. Thin mat coat with glass fiber net avoids cracks caused by stress deformation because of building expansion and contraction, second decoration and using.

8) Easier for Water and Electricity Installation

Frame leaves positions for the wire trunkings and water pipes. Set up the frame, pre-lay the wire trunkings, water pipes and switches, and then spay the slurry to make wall. Wall chasing is totally omitted.


9) Safe and simple operation for secondary decoration

The slurry sprayed composite wall with built-in frame and steel screen connected and restrained with main structure doesn’t influence the wall chasing and holing for secondary decoration.

10) Thinner wall increasing using area

Interior wall has two thickness, 90mm and 120mm, effectively increasing 4%-8% using area of building. For outer wall or other parts, thickness could be adjusted freely according to customer's requirement.

11) Green ecology, breathing wall

The composite wall is a ecological wall. In a natural environment, the wall with loose structure could continuously absorb moisture, that is “respiration”, and maintain dynamic equilibrium. The main feature of “respiration” function is to adjust the humidity of living and working environment, to avoid discomfort feeling caused by too wet or too dry air , to prevent dew formation and to reduce moldy and static electricity phenomenon. When the humidity is high, the wall can automatically absorb the water in the air and store them, and also effectively absorb harmful substances, such as free formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia etc. removing peculiar smell and purifying the air. At the meantime, it has a good function to reduce noise, effectively absorbing harmful high-frequency sound and weakening low-frequency noise.

Performance Contrast Between Sundy Unitary Slurry Spray Wall and Aerated Concrete Block Wall

Performance Item


Thickness of Sundy Slurry Spray Compound Wall 90-120mm

Thickness of The Aerated Concrete Block Wall 200mm

General Surface Density



Compressive Strength



Shock Resistance

Resist 12 times continuous shock of 30kg


Earthquake Resistance

All around restraint

Two sides restraint

Fire Resistance Rating

Above 2h

Above 2h

Sound Insulation Property

Above 43dB

36 dB

Hanging Force

Above 300kg





Thermal Conductivity

0.11w (m.k)

0.16w (m.k)

Anti-Crack Ability

Avoid hollowing and cracking

Common problem

Pipeline Installation

Embedded/wall chasing

Wall chasing

Window/Door Connection

Fix with light steel frame

Traditional method

Wall Maintenance


Maintenance by watering

Transportation, Construction

Mechanical vertical transfer, mechanical spraying, labor cost saving

Construction elevator, manual handling, masonry and plastering construction

Increase of Using Area



Construction Speed

Promote 50% work efficiency


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