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Unitary Composite Wall

  • Environmental Eco-friendly Green Breathing Unitary Compound Wall

    Environmental Eco-friendly Green Breathing Unitary Compound Wall

    Spray construction composite wall is formed by light steel frame and steel screen filled with Sundy green spraying slurry. Excellent overall performance makes it become a epoch-making brand new composite wall. The wall,making full use of industry by-product (phosphogypsum /...

  • Eco-friendly Composite Wall

    Eco-friendly Composite Wall

    1.Density: 650 (kg / m3) 2. Compressive strength: 5 (MPa) 3. Sound absorption coefficient: 45db 4. Material: Lightweight aggregate concrete 5. Grade: high quality 6. Use position: inside and outside the wall 7. Special features: Sound absorption 8. Appearance: solid wall...

  • Eco-friendly Compound Wall

    Eco-friendly Compound Wall

    Lightweight, economical Composite wall board light weight, the bulk density of 650 ~ 800kg / ㎡, 150mm thick wall of the weight of 120kg / ㎡, only 120mm masonry + two sides of the wall weight of the wall 2/3 ~ 2/5. If a building from the infrastructure design began to consider...

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