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mechanized spraying machine

  • Sandi Fully Mechanized Construction System

    Sandi Fully Mechanized Construction SystemBuilding improves life | sandi changes architecture Sandi green building concept Fully mechanized green building spraying construction system Sandi fully mechanized construction Using sandi spray to build the wall of the wall, no use of the template, the light steel keel site will be assembled...

  • Protable Small Concrete Mortar Mixer Efficient Mixing Machine

    Protable Small Concrete Mortar Mixer Efficient Mixing MachineProtable Small compact Dry mortar mixer is an efficient mixing machine, which is especially suitable for the mixing of many kinds of dry powder and fine granular materials, such as putty powder, gypsum, dry powder mortar, colorful cement, chemical materials, and organic fertilizer.Dry pack mortar mixer can not only...

  • Dry Mortar Mixing Machine

    Dry Mortar Mixing MachineThe Machine Uses Improved U-Shaped Body, Thick 4-Layer Ribbon, 6.3 Meters Long, 1.7 Meters Wide, 2.7 Meters High. Volume Of 10 Cubic Meters, The Largest Single Batch Of Mixing About 15 Tons. The Host Is Equipped With High Power 55KW GB Copper Wire Motor, Durable. Using Multi-Level Slowdown,...

  • Automatic Spraying Equipment

    Automatic Spraying EquipmentAutomatic Spraying Equipment is also called Automatic Spraying robot. This automatic spraying robot is a track-mounted mobile spraying equipment. A spray head is attached to the end of a robot arm. It has compact structure and reliable operation an is easy to operate and convenient to move. It is widely used for automatic spraying painting or other coating in automotive, instrumentation, electrical appliances and other industries.