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The Importance Of Routine Maintenance Of Dry Mortar Equipment May 02, 2017

Dry mortar equipment and then lighten up our labor together, and also improve our efficiency, together with the production of automation, and immediately the company's production power, stepped into the development stage.

Dry mortar equipment is attributed to high frequency use equipment, in the dry mortar company is widely used, some companies and even 24 hours do not interrupt production, so dry mortar equipment need to do the unusual maintenance to ensure that the equipment in production of normal operation. Dry mortar equipment is the primary function of the production of various types of mortar, and mortar is a variety of different properties of the material composition. Different mortar has a different formula, each kind of material is also different number, in the traditional production, to carry out manual measurement, after metering and then put into the material. Reference Dry Mortar

Equipment can save these unnecessary troubles, it has the precise metering function, and can store multiple formulations together.

Of course, in the grave sense, the measurement system of dry mortar equipment is very precise after many experiments and improvements, but no matter how to improve, dry mortar equipment, after all, only a mechanical equipment, we are unable to ensure that it persists in the best work situation, not too much fault. Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of the equipment and the quality of the mortar, good working conditions, the need for dry mortar equipment for ordinary maintenance and punctuality check.