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The Difference Is Explained In Detail The Wet Mix Mortar Mixing Station And The Dry Mortar Production Line Sep 04, 2017

Difference 1: the mortar is in a different state

Dry powder mortar is a dry raw material through a certain proportion of mixing and mixing, to produce different types of building materials, and finally by bulk or bagged way to the construction site, the finished product needs to be used before the water or other Liquid stirring treatment before they can be used. Wet mix mortar mixing station is a variety of raw materials and water together to stir, and thus the formation of a wet mix, can be directly pulled to the construction site to use.

Difference 2: storage time is different

As mentioned above, the wet mortar is produced in a wet mix state, so it is necessary to use the material before you condense it, so the storage time of the wet mortar is very limited. On the contrary, dry mortar through the dry powder mortar production line output, can be stored in the form of bags, so storage time is longer, again can store 3-6 months.

Difference 3: mixing equipment is different

Whether it is a small mixer stand-alone, or a large production line, wet mortar equipment and dry mortar equipment in the internal structure and performance are significantly different.

Difference 4: the production of mortar varieties are different

Due to the different state of the material, wet mortar is more suitable for the production of high viscosity material mixing, the more common mortar is mainly masonry mortar, plaster mortar, ground mortar, etc., and for dry powder mortar production line, due to material form restrictions Small, so the mortar can produce more types, in addition to the above types of mortar, but also the production of internal and external walls putty powder, insulation mortar and other special mortar.

Difference 5: raw material sand treatment in different ways

As the dry mortar requires all materials must be powder, and requires the water content of sand does not exceed 0.5%, so the raw sand if it is wet sand, you need to use a professional dryer drying, and wet mortar production line produced Of the material is pulp equipment, so do not require sand to dry.

Difference 6: the finished product transport in different ways

Dry mortar production line to produce mortar transport is bulk or bagged, transported by vehicle to the site, or the market, but the wet mortar must use the mixer transport.