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Safety Problems In Production Of Dry Mortar Production Line Sep 30, 2017

Dry powder mortar production line in the machinery to give you the production time, for the production of security issues, you know it? The company as a professional Shandong large-scale dry powder mortar line manufacturers, with everyone to learn about dry powder mortar production line production safety issues.

First, the dry powder mortar production line equipment, the first time after the addition of water for mixing operation, to prohibit the first to join the material after the start, the material is not allowed to exceed the rated capacity of putty powder mixer. Dry powder mortar equipment is strictly prohibited in the operation of the head or hand into the hopper and the rack between the probe to see the feed situation, but can not be in the operation by hand or sticks into the mixer barrel material, or in the mouth clean up putty powder The Drying mortar equipment console should enable the operator to see the work of the ministries. Instrument, indicating accurate and reliable signal, the operator can not have blind field of vision!

Second, dry powder mortar equipment on the hopper up, you must use the insurance chain or bolt fastened, is strictly prohibited in the bottom of the work or walk through. The bottom of the pit is to be fitted with a pillow on the hopper, and the hopper must be fastened with the chain when cleaning the pit. Dry powder mortar equipment operation, such as failure can not run, you should first cut off the power, the mixer putty powder poured out, for maintenance, troubleshooting. Dry powder mortar equipment work is done, do a good job inside and outside the mixer cleaning and mixing machine around the work, cut off the power, lock the power control box.