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Safe Construction Operation Flow Of Dry Mortar Production Line May 02, 2017

As a professional dry powder mortar production line manufacturers, for the construction of dry mortar production line is also a relatively understanding, in particular security construction in this regard, any equipment use is the first security, today's small series to learn with everyone together!

1, dry mortar production line must be installed on a solid foundation, pay attention to adjust the material platform, unloading platform and the use of the height of the bucket, set up a good protection against the shed, and the relevant departments of the acceptance of qualified to use.

2, dry mortar production line operators must undergo professional training, the examination of qualified to the operation of the certificate issued after the induction, no license to operate.

3, dry mortar production line equipment before the operation should be checked to confirm the rotating parts, working equipment, protective equipment and other parts complete good effective, before the material should be operated before the empty machine, check whether the rotation direction of the correct stirring leaf, can add water to stir.

4, dry mortar production line operation is not allowed to use water or wooden sticks, tools, etc. into the mixing drum to clean the mortar and mixing material.

5, in the operation if the fault can not be turned to find, should immediately cut off the power supply, the simple inside the mortar after the overhaul troubleshooting.

6, after the operation should be cut off the power supply, switch box and lock, cleaning the body inside and outside the mortar, do a good job site cleaning.

7, the dry powder mortar production line should be regular maintenance, prolong the use of equipment time.