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Precautions For Mortar Equipment During Use May 02, 2017

(1) Interface Treatment Agent Preparation

Interface Agent: Water =4:1 (weight ratio), stir evenly over the base surface.

(2) Insulation mortar equipment preparation

According to the ratio of EPS mortar: water =1.2:1 (weight ratio), the first metering of water-put human mortar mixing containers, add half of the EVB dry powder mixing about 2min. Add another half EVB dry powder mixing 3~5rain, so that the slurry into a uniform paste, static put 5min can be used. Slurry must be used, the preparation of good slurry should be used in 2h, strictly prohibited two times water use.

(3) Cracking resistance mortar preparation

Anti-cracking mortar According to dry powder mixture: water =1:0.25 (weight ratio), first put the water in the blender, and then pour the mortar in the mixing container, stirring 4~5rain. Make the slurry into uniform paste, static put 5rain can be used, slurry must accompany with the use, the preparation of the slurry to be used in 2h in the end.

(4) Grassroots treatment

① Concrete Base Wall Treatment

The wall surface protruding more than 1Olnln concrete tick flat, with steel brush full brush again, and use brooms to clean the surface of the dust. When the surface is stained with grease, remove with detergent or decontamination agent, rinse with water to dry. The wall of the bolt hole is compacted with a rigid mortar. Brushing the interface treatment agent.

② brick slag brick, concrete more than empty brick and other wall material base treatment brick walls face tongue ash, residual mortar, floating dust and other clean up, plugging the foot hand-eye.