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Introduction Of Limit Value Of Output Parameters Of Thermal Insulation Mortar Mixer Sep 20, 2017

The output parameters of the thermal insulation mixer refer to some mechanical parameters which are closely related to the performance of the mechanical equipment, such as efficiency, fuel consumption and so on. The machinery in the process of using the output parameters easy to monitor, and ability of mechanical work for the maximum working capacity, the test is easy, therefore, the ultimate output mechanical equipment parameter value has become a standard of fault judgment. At the same time, the trend of the change of the output parameters and whether the change is in the region of rapid growth is the basis for judging the state of the fault.

Because of wear surface fracture, container penetration corrosion, thermal crack and brittle failure caused by parts of the output parameters change, the mechanical production of sudden failure, in this case, it is difficult to change according to the output parameters to determine the thermal insulation mortar mixer fault state approximation, and regulations due to the limits of the output parameters of the value is meaningless. Mechanical injury makes the output parameter has a surge in the area, such as vibration, noise and temperature rapid change of two effects, in this case, even if the output parameter is still running within the range must also set the corresponding limit in machinery started to strengthen the ability to work to do for the loss of the value of the process fault state standard. The deformation does not change the state of the material changes, the output parameters caused by the surface oxidation of the friction surface shape distortion damage, limit region does not exist this change process, the fault state standard in this case is, according to the technical conditions of products to determine the ultimate output parameter value is considered to form a fault condition.

The damage degree of the limit described above and output parameters limit of two kinds of fault state and has its own significance and its internal relation, therefore, in the specified output parameter limit, must also value analysis of output parameters and the damage degree of ultimate limit value between. The output parameters are basically determined by some kind of damage, and the output parameters are determined by the damage of some parts, and the output parameters have complex relationship with the damage of the parts of the thermal insulation mortar mixer.