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Inspection Requirements For Concrete Mixing Stations May 02, 2017

Inspection of the transmission system of concrete mixing station:

1, the main motor and planetary deceleration mechanism (or use the cycloidal needle wheel reducer, coupling, bridge gear transmission power) The connection should be reliable, operation should be smooth, should not sound abnormal;

2, climbing track of the material body safety hook and lock pin should be complete; the hopper roller and the gear wear should not exceed the requirements stipulated by the machine specification;

3, bucket elevator, spiral conveyor transmission should be smooth, no abnormal sound, leakage, cement block;

4, pull shovel batching system rotary mechanism gear wear should be in the specification of the scope of the machine, and wire rope should conform to the relevant provisions of this procedure;

5, Material storehouse type batching system belt conveyor should be smooth operation, should not run bias, skidding, should not be abnormal sound, tape should not fault, cracking.

Safety device for concrete mixing station inspection requirements:

1, the hopper upper, lower level and the limit switch action should be sensitive and reliable;

2, the upper hopper wire rope should conform to this procedure 6th. 1.8 of the relevant provisions of article;

3, each shield and safety protection facilities should be complete, intact and reliable;

4, mixing station (building) should be equipped with lightning protection device; The PE line connected to the lightning-grounding device should be simultaneously grounded repeatedly, and the grounding resistance should not exceed 10 ω;

5, mixing station (building) should be equipped with the applicable fire extinguishing equipment;

6, leakage protector parameters should be matched, the installation should be correct, the action should be sensitive and reliable.