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How Does The Dry Powder Mortar Production Line Work? Sep 23, 2017

Dry powder mortar production line before the production is the need for ingredients, the company as a professional large-scale dry powder mortar production line manufacturers, with everyone to learn about the dry powder mortar production line is how the specific ingredients.

Dry powder mortar production line equipment according to the process of ingredients order, start the feeding device. When the feed is quickly fed to the metering bin to a close value (determined at the time of commissioning), the quick feed unit stops. Fine feeding device to continue feeding, gradually close to the amount of ingredients, taking into account the amount of suspension, fine feeding device in advance to gradually slow down (in advance to determine the amount of debugging). At the same time cut off the valve immediately shut down, intercept the possible collapse of the material. The instrument at any time to track the amount of material, fine feeding device to stop, the delay Δt seconds, to be static, the instrument stable display value for the first material of the amount of ingredients. Immediately afterwards, the second material begins to quickly feed the metering bin ... Repeat the above procedure until all ingredients are completed.

Consider the operator's operating habits and specific requirements, but also manually jog fine feed. 

After the dosing work is completed, the oblique seal valve at the bottom of the warehouse is opened automatically, and the material of the dosing bin is discharged into the mixer through the soft coupling and the pipe. After the material is emptied, the instrument returns to zero and the oblique seal valve closes automatically. Go to the next ingredient cycle. If the material can not be emptied in time, the oblique seal valve can not be automatically closed. You can not enter the next program. At this point, the nozzle automatically inclined to the bottom of the jet, the material discharged. If it is a flexible warehouse, then automatically start the massage device, the material discharge.