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Construction Characteristics And Types Of Thermal Insulation Mortar Sep 20, 2017

1. Polyurethane insulation on site. After the wall of the building is dried, the polyurethane can be sprayed directly on the surface of the building. Generally, the spraying thickness is about 4 centimeters, and high pressure spraying machine is required to make the surface as smooth as possible. Scrape off the polymer cement on the foam after finishing the spray and then make the outer decoration.

2 、 prefabricated thermal insulation sandwich board. Generally used in the continuous production line processing polyurethane sandwich board, the outer surface often use color steel plate or aluminum plate, the back is more use of aluminum foil. When installing, firstly, the keel is made on the outer wall, then the plate is fixed on the keel, and the double-sided color steel plate can be used as the wall material, and the utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance and good thermal insulation effect.

3. Filling and insulation of hollow bricks. The hollow parts of the hollow bricks occupy about 40% of the total volume of the bricks, and the bricks are mostly silicate materials, and polyurethane is filled in the cavity, so that the overall structure is enhanced, and the insulation effect is greatly increased.

4. Exterior wall sticking board. The external wall dry brush special resistant polyurethane adhesive good hydrolytic stability, the pre cut polyurethane plate affixed to the wall, painted on the outside of the polyurethane adhesive and the mesh cloth paste, after curing and then cast polymer cement, on the outer surface of the last decoration.

5. Polyphenyl granule thermal insulation mortar. The waste polystyrene plastic is processed and broken into 0.5 - 4 millimeters particles, and the insulating mortar is prepared as lightweight aggregate. The approach includes the insulating layer, the protective layer and crack resistance impermeability protection layer, construction technology is simple, can reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, is not affected by differences in the quality of the structure, the defective wall construction metope without repairing and leveling.

6 、 polystyrene board and wall casting. In the concrete frame system, polystyrene board is embedded in the building template, and the concrete is poured into a composite wall at the outer side of the wall to be cast.

7, exterior wall insulation coating. Mainly ceramic heat insulation coating, hydrophobic silicate insulation coating, rubber powder, polystyrene particles, exterior insulation coating.