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Ceramic Tile Binder Vs Traditional Cement Mortar Aug 29, 2017

With the continuous development of building ceramic industry in our country, the glazed ceramic, microcrystalline, sheet and other new products began to popular in the market, all kinds of different water absorption and the performance of the new body for the production of ceramic tile, bonding performance of the traditional cement mortar has been difficult to meet the market demand, more bring the external tile drop safe hidden trouble.Thus, ceramic tile adhesive began to enter the eyes of construction enterprises and consumers.So, where is the excellent performance of ceramic tile binder?

Compared with the traditional cement mortar?What is the current market acceptance and development outlook?This paper will briefly dissect this new technology.Ceramic tile adhesive is also called the ceramic tile adhesive, it is composed of cement, graded composed of fine sand, synthetic resin and special additives, gray or white powder, is a kind of ideal bonding material, "than the traditional cement mortar, ceramic tile adhesive has various advantages."Experts have given a detailed introduction."In terms of technical performance, the ceramic tile binder belongs to the flexible material, which is adhesive and not easy to fall off, especially for the glass brick products with low water absorption rate."The expert explains, and the cement belongs to the rigid material, after the bond between the body and the wall will be in the thermal expansion and shrinkage deformation of the stress, easily lead to fall off.

At the same time, using artificial mixing cement mortar, the quality of cement, sand and silt content degree is difficult to control, such as whether the ratio is reasonable, the dosage of materials in place, uniform mixing whether will affect the quality of the cement mortar;

While ceramic tile adhesive, USES a mechanical automation unified strict matching degrees, put an end to the construction quality hidden danger of artificial mixing unevenly, convenient application against the water can be used directly.In respect of economic benefit, the experts said that although the ceramic tile adhesive cement mortar to the material cost is high, but the dosage is only 1/3 of cement mortar, energy saving, environmental protection, more can effectively reduce the building load bearing, lighten the load of the building, increase the space usage area.Reed always with vivid examples illustrates this: "in ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile glue thin method, for example, according to the commodity house floor 5-6 m2 area, space area of about 30 m2 of kitchen or toilet area computation, can increase the net area is about 0.5 0. 7 m2 or so, the height increase 2-3 cm long."

Actually about ceramic tile adhesive, "already in the industry, 70% of the ceramic enterprises, tooling and decoration companies can fully realize it in ceramic tile shop is labeled as the revolutionary," experts said, as the world's first focus on the ceramic paste agent in the field of some brand, its products have been applied to the national grand theater, the great hall of the people, ziguangge, zhongnanhai, CCTV new site in major national construction projects, etc.But in the end consumer domain, the recognition of tile paste agent, less than 10%.Held in May this year the eighth "whole - ceramic tile adhesive peak BBS" in the process of fine decoration, China ceramic industry association director He Tianxiong also said that the current ceramic tile shop is stuck by some folk mud workers according to the experience in cement mortar for the shop is stuck, ceramic tile adhesive market share of less than 10%.

For this kind of situation, experts said, the market prospect of the ceramic tile adhesive is huge, the promotion of the bottleneck is that most of the domestic ceramic enterprises will still as ceramic tile of the finished product to sell, and standardization for ceramic tile is how to correctly selecting the pavement construction, there is no detailed instructions."Ceramic tile is a kind of semi-finished products, ceramic enterprises marketing ideas on or in the future will be changed, in addition to the sale of ceramic tile, is the inevitable trend of the development of integrated installation, we can, decorate a company to make strategic cooperation with ceramic enterprise, personnel training, free to provide various types of ceramic tile installation application technical guidance services, contributing to a backward ceramic tile installation technology reform."

At the same time, China ceramic industry association of professional committee of the ceramic tile paste technology and industry association's support and promote will quickly to ceramic tile installation of reform and the construction of the integrated service to market play an important role and significance.