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The know-how of dry mortar equipment maintenance May 02, 2017

Dry mortar equipment how to maintain and maintenance, I have the trick:

1, timely removal of dry powder mortar equipment hopper within the aggregate, so that the sensor normal back to 0.

2, check the lubricating oil of the adequacy of the lubrication points, the air road system of the oil mist should be maintained enough oil.

3, check the motor, electrical appliances have no overheating phenomena, abnormal noise, instrumentation indication is normal, the signaling system is intact.

4. Ensure the cleanliness of the machine and the surroundings.

5, regular check, adjust the cylinder, butterfly valve and solenoid valve, so that open and close to meet the requirements.

6, often check the system, such as leakage ash, leakage, leakage and leakage of oil and other phenomena to be timely treatment.

7, mixer and Hopper should be cleaned every four hours to avoid the residual concrete consolidation, hinder normal operation.

8, each class should be put off the air compressor, storage tanks and filters and other internal water, and the operation of the troubleshooting.

9, butterfly valve, mixer, solenoid valve, air filter and oil mist, etc. according to the relevant instructions for maintenance.