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How to distinguish the performance of powder mortar equipment Nov 03, 2017

Dry mortar Equipment at present in the building materials production Equipment industry sales volume is better, so many manufacturers the sham as the genuine in the market, so how do you distinguish the performance of dry mortar Equipment is particularly important for buying expert, let's have a look at Xinxiang Hengyan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd of the engineer.

1. Accuracy of raw material metering: dry powder mortar includes heat preservation mortar, bond mortar, etc. All kinds of mortar have different formulation, but they are all mixed together by mixing of various raw materials.


2. Mixed average degree: dry mortar equipment host for biaxial blade without gravity mixing machine, biaxial operate three-dimensional direction projection of material and converging, high-speed fly knife will attempt to the rapid scattered material, different particle size and density of the material in the shortest possible time average, and the mixing machine won't produce segregation phenomenon.


3. Dust removal effect: the powder granules can achieve zero emission and effective recovery application after the dust removal of the mixer, and the emission specification of the dust shall reach or exceed the national environmental protection level specification.


4. Reasonable structure, dry mortar equipment by raw material tank, weighing system, walks, mixed host, packaging equipment, dust removal equipment, etc, due to the varieties of equipment number, within the limited takes up an area the size of space should stop reasonable decorate, effectively save resources for equipment and resources.


5. Continuous work and no problem: a good performance of dry powder mortar equipment, continuous work and no problem is the most fundamental request.

A set of dry powder mortar equipment is composed of single machine equipment with various functions and functions, which can be combined together to form a complete combination.


6. It is necessary to ensure the fast feeding speed and not destroy the original state of the material.

And whether the consumption of production, electricity and so on have an impact or not.