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Full Automatic Dry Mortar Mixer Parts Sep 22, 2017

Xinxiang Hengyan Machinery take turnkey dry mortar project since 2003, we not only manufacture whole machines including automation, but also install the machine on site and provide formulation The machine productivity is 5-80T / h. During 13 years, we have finished over 300 projects at home and abroad. We have special technology about the rotary sand dryer and round firebrick burning furnace

Product description

The mix plant consists of the following parts:

1. Sand Sand Drying System: Triple-cylinder dryer to reduce the sand water content to ≤ 0.5%;

2. Raw Materials Storage System: store all kind of raw materials;

3. Lifting & Conveying System: Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor, Screw Conveyor, Crane;

4. Weighing System: depending on different formulas,

5. Mixing System: with 60 ~ 180s blending, materials are mixed evenly;

6.Bagging System: end products are packed by 20/50 / sack, or delivered by tank truck directly;

7.Dust Collection System: collect dust from drying system, weighing system, mixing system, packing

system, protect the working and living environment.

8.Control System: Semi-auto / Full-auto Control, convenient for operation and management.

  The product can be produced by our plant:

  Masonry mortar for brick

  Masonry mortar for AAC block

  Plastering mortar for brick

  Plastering mortar for AAC block

  Interior putty

  Exterior putty

  Tile adhesive

  Tile grout

  Grouting mortar

  Self-leveling mortar

  Thermal insulation mortar

  Color coating

  Waterproof chemical

Advantages and service:

1. over 13 years experience focusing on Dry Mortar Production Line;

2. Over 300 projects experience, each project is customized

3. Over 100 workers and 20 engineers

4. Total 5000m2 production workshop

5. Provide turnkey project for dry mortar, include plant design, machine manufacturing and installation,

 trial production and formulation

6. Manufacturing all machinery by freedom including the automation, the quality is under control

7. Export experience and professional abroad installation team.

8. Warranty: 12 months since the installation is finished

Work first add water after the mixing operation, to prohibit the first to join the material and then start, not allowed to put more than putty powder mixer rated capacity. Dry powder mortar equipment is strictly prohibited in the operation of the head or hand into the hopper and the rack between the probe to see the feed situation, but can not be in the operation by hand or sticks into the mixer barrel material, or in the mouth clean up putty powder The Drying mortar equipment console should enable the operator to see the work of the ministries. Instrument, indicating accurate and reliable signal, the operator can not have blind field of vision!

Second, dry powder mortar equipment on the hopper up, you must use the insurance chain or bolt fastened, is strictly prohibited in the bottom of the work or walk through. The bottom of the pit is to be fitted with a pillow on the hopper, and the hopper must be fastened with the chain when cleaning the pit. Dry powder mortar equipment operation in the event of failure can not run, you should first cut off the power, the mixer putty powder pour out, for maintenance, troubleshooting. Dry powder mortar equipment work is done, do a good job inside and outside the mixer cleaning and mixing machine around the work, cut off the power, lock the power control box.