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Dry mortar equipment After the end of the work does not clean up the wash will be harmful May 02, 2017

In recent years, dry mortar equipment after all regions of the government vigorously promoted, dry mortar equipment application scope is also gradually increasing. With the increasing demand of dry mortar for each construction site, the dry mortar equipment is required to work long time in harsh environment, so as to satisfy the demand of mortar for each project. But many dry mortar equipment operators, at the end of the equipment, did not promptly clean up the residual mortar equipment, resulting in the next start-up of the equipment, due to load-bearing start-up, causing equipment or casualties accidents. So dry mortar equipment after the completion of the work, must promptly clean the equipment. So what harm does not clean the equipment in time?

First, dry mortar equipment after the completion of the work not to clean the equipment in time, it will cause the residual mortar in the equipment to have a certain erosion, resulting in the device's service life too short of the phenomenon.

Second, dry mortar equipment after the completion of the work, not timely cleaning equipment, will cause mortar solidification in the equipment mixing drum, thereby to the equipment start-up, resulting in a certain pressure.

Thirdly, if the dry mortar equipment is not cleaned in time, it will cause the mortar agglomeration in the equipment, resulting in the difficulty of maintenance of the equipment later.

With dry mortar equipment in the construction industry in China's status more and more important, in the dry mortar equipment after the use of timely cleaning, not only can prolong the service life of equipment, but also reduce the equipment in the work of the failure. So as to ensure the safe and efficient production of equipment, to achieve the smooth implementation of the project.