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Development history of dry mixed mortar Oct 16, 2017

Dry mixed mortar is one of concrete materials, building materials dry emerging, according to the Guangdong provincial standard "technical specification for application of dry mixed mortar is defined as" DBJ/T 15-36-2004: dry mortar production by means of professional manufacturers, with cement as the main cementing material and fine aggregate, mineral admixture, drying and screening treatment strengthen the mixture of materials and additives are mixed according to a certain proportion.

Dry mixed mortar is growing up from the last century, the 50s European construction market development, now in Germany, Austria, Finland and other countries will dry mixed mortar mortar as the main material, only Germany has an annual output of 100 thousand tons of factory more than 200, average every five hundred thousand people have a dry mixed mortar production enterprises. In Asia, dry mix mortar development in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hongkong and other places is also very rapid, such as more than 30% of the plastering mortar in the construction field of Hongkong is dry mixed mortar. In China since 90s of last century, the development of dry mixed mortar has become Liaoyuanzhishi, promote the use of Guangzhou area dry mixed mortar for six years, guiding the relative policies and regulations have been gradually implemented, Beijing City, Shanghai City, the standard technical specification for application on dry mixed mortar areas have also been implemented in recent years, Qingdao local standards the city of Chongqing City, is also under development.